Showmobile ~ Saturday, 8/5

"Music (CDs, etc.)" 

11:00 PM

Earth, Wind, & Fire...Rick James...Teena Marie and more.

"Ebenezer Men's Chrous"

12:00 PM

A refreshing sound of Gospel.

"Martial Arts"

12:30 PM

Welcome Back!


1:00 PM

Are You Ready!

"Sons of God"

2:00 PM

A Local Favorite.


Showmobile ~ Saturday, 8/5

"Bobby G and Friends"

3:00 PM

Soulful sounds of a great band!



4:00 PM

Keep Checking!

"Car Show Awards"

4:30 PM

Cars, Cars, Cars!

"True Soul Band"

5:00 PM

The True Soul Band performances will always come with a personal touch!


Thank You!